November 21, 2005

Club Dolls

Another striped bikini, and another cute smile. This place seems to have it all: students, office ladies, (other guy's) wives, from slim to glamour. Translation note: in this context 'glamour' means busty, or curvaceous. Japanese sometimes borrows English words without their English meanings.


I love striped bikinis, so I'll post a couple of ads featuring them. The first is this one, which seems to have no name. 素人専科 translates as Amateur Specialized Course, or maybe something like 'Only Amateurs', which I guess could be the name.
However, that brings up the question: If they are amateurs, how come you have to pay them?


I wouldn't think that the average escort service customer would think of 'Wife' as a selling point. Aren't most guys going to these places to forget about the wife?
Or does this place cater to specialized fantasies? Maybe some guys go there to be interrogated about where they've been, what they were up to, and then they're made to sleep on the couch.

November 13, 2005

Club Arena

This one is a little more explicit than most.

First off, we have 生尺
生: nama, meaning "pure; undiluted; raw; crude;"
尺: shaku, short for shakuhachi, which is a Japanese flute.
Together you get raw flute, although in this case it is a skin flute thay are talking about, and 'raw' means no condom.

Next up is D-kiss, which I think is deep kiss, but I'm not sure.

69 is self-explanatory.

2回戦 can mean '2 games' or 'two times match', but what I suspect it means is 'come twice.'

Lastly, with 96 girls, you'd think they could find two willing to show their face.

Gal's Station

Three for the price of one. Well, not really - just three pics on this one. (And the obligatory promise that the girls are slim, Japanese, and 20 years old, naturally.)

November 11, 2005


I have to say, 'Fairy' is not a name I would've picked for an escort service catering to heterosexual men. But to Japanese ears it probably sounds great.
The box is highlighting 'cute' and 'gentle/affectionate' as qualities that they specialize in.
I wonder if it is a coincidence that the word that they use for gentle (yasashii) also can be translated as 'easy.'


Club Lovely

We seem to have caught this young thing in the act of wriggling out of her jeans. Nothing terribly unusual about the ad, just the usual "slim models", "Japanese" etc. Apparently it is also a newly opened establishment, or it was at the time I found the flyer, about 2 years ago.

Premium Girl

Or is it "Premium Gal?" I'm not sure, but it is a cute bikini, that she has on. I wonder what she is doing, lounging around on a cheap, folding chair; in what appears to be some kind of deserted warehouse. I guess she's just taking a break between rounds of helping you "let go of your stress" (or something like that).


Dramatic lighting, bold layout - it looks like there might have been a professional graphic designer working on this one. The translation seems to be beyond my limited skills, but literally means something like:
Sexual excitement
In the midst of
with erotic "play"
positively 'H'
(H is for hentai, which means perverted)

Maybe a reader can help me out with this one? I'm sure it makes more sense colloquially.

November 09, 2005


I fgured I'd lead off with something traditional, or at least referencing tradition. Choice quotes from the ad, translated:
"Of course, the whole staff is nothing but Japanese"
"We're very particular about looks, manners, and such"

Cute & Sexy

Apparently there is some truth in advertising. This girl is quite cute & sexy, although I don't know if the girls who show up at your hotel will look as good.

Club Esprit

Club Esprit specializes in girls that are 20 years old and slim (and Japanese, naturally). For those of you wondering about the exchange rate, as of today, 60 minutes with one of these girls would cost 154 dollars, or 130 euros.